the creators

Love there is, stories there are…
Is a women story, a family story, written by two generations.

Chantal the mother, Alexandra the daughter.
Different but very close, sometimes at odds but always complementary, Chantal and Alexandra went partners in 2014, around their commun love for perfume.

Chantal Roos

Not so very classic

She is a legend in the perfume world. A Parisian through and through, in love with beauty and the people who create it, a visionary marketing professional who has worked with some of the world’s top designers. First she launched Opium with Yves Saint Laurent in 1976. Then came Kouros and Paris. Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake and Tom Ford all followed suit. Chantal Roos is a strong woman in a man’s world, who has made her mark through talent, instinct and daring.

Alexandra Roos

Not such a rebel

Though Alexandra was on the scent from an early age thanks to her mother, music initially struck the right note for her. She found her voice as a singer, guitarist and composer in indie rock. With a decided penchant for the stage, she has four albums under her belt, and has written songs for herself and others