La Fondation des Femmes

Liberty, equality, femininity.
The Roos & Roos fragrance brand pledges support for the Fondation des Femmes.

For Chantal Roos and Alexandra Roos, with their keen sense of independence, liberty and equality are deeply important. But these values are vulnerable as regards women in France, where society still too often dominated by men.

Their meeting with Anne Cécile Mailfert, founder and president of the Fondation des Femmes, made the two women determined to take action through their brand.  Starting on 8 March 2019 – a symbolic date for women – the brand has decided to donate 10% of all its online fragrance sales to the Fondation des Femmes, which will allocate the money collected to concrete projects aiming to defend women’s rights in France and help them move forward.

Through their commitment, Chantal Roos and Alexandra Roos hope to help improve the situation of women most in need of aid, and to transmit a universal message of solidarity and sharing.

The Fondation des Femmes is the go-to foundation in terms of women’s rights and the fight against violence. It uses the donations it receives to provide financial, legal and material aid to high-impact community initiatives throughout the territory. It also has a legal task force of 150 lawyers and legal professionals, who draft and distribute analytical content and provide support and advice to victims, free of charge. Since its creation, the Fondation des Femmes has helped over one hundred associations in France.