a bucolic gateway

A tribute to an exquisite forgotten practice.

Born in the Middle-Ages, the “gardens of simples,” or medicinal gardens, were kept by gardener monks who mainly cultivated aromatic plants intended for various uses, in particular therapeutic. Established around monasteries, this practice has been lost in the mysteries of history.
Today the collection The Simples takes shape in the flourishing memory
of this traditional past.

a collection
deliberately natural…

in the choice of its ingredients and 100% vegan.

Eco-designed, the 100ml bottle has a light glass weight.Made of wood,
the cap is fully compostable. Recycled paper, and FSC labeled.

three herbs,
three perfumes

A tribute to an exquisite forgotten practice…

For Roos & Roos, three perfumers have looked at three aromatics plants to compose an olfactory score. In a breath of wind, the foliage rustles,
notes rise up and carry their fragrant message.
Bucolic scents to listen to…